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Belarusian State Agrarian Technical University
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The university alumni say about us
  • Kakamyrat Orazkulyev

    I am Kakamyrat Orazkulyev, a graduate of the Farm machinery service faculty of BSATU in 2013. I work at the State Committee for Water Resources of Turkmenistan.

    First of all, I want to express my gratitude to the teachers of BSATU for their attentive attitude towards students, sincere desire to teach and share their knowledge, presenting them easily, in an accessible and interesting way.

    BSATU is, of course, a lot of good, kind memories. Memories of wise teachers who taught a lot, memories of lectures and seminars, memories of five years of student life full of events and meetings. People came to the university as if it were a holiday - interesting subjects, interesting people capable of presenting the most complex information clearly and intelligibly.

  • Jarrah Fouad

    I am Jarrah Fouad, have been working for 3 years in one of the largest companies in Saudi Arabia, Juffali Company, as a Project Engineer.

    For me, BSATU was one of the brightest and most significant stages of my life - 6 years of study in a kind, warm and comfortable atmosphere. I look back and I see bright and joyful pictures from student life, and I want to thank our university for this!

  • Lesov Nurkhan
    My name is Lesov Nurkhan. I am from the Republic of Kazakhstan. While doing master's course in WKATU named after Zhangir Khan, I had the opportunity for academic mobility to undergo a scientific internship (April 2012) and study (September 2012 - January 2013) at the Belarusian State Agrarian Technical University.
    BSATU has an excellent material and technical base and equipment of the educational process. Under the comprehensive guidance of the teachers of the Chair of Tractors and Automobiles, I received a great deal of knowledge, which was very useful for completing my scientific work. In addition, the University provided an opportunity to visit the modern factories of Minsk Tractor Plant and Minsk Motor Plant, where I got acquainted with the research materials.
    I would like to express my deep gratitude to the administration of the university, the dean's office of the agromechanical faculty, the department of international relations and the administration of the student hostel.
    At the moment I am working in one of the largest Kazakhstani companies - NGSK KazStroyService JSC, as an Engineer for quality control of mechanical and welding works.
    I am very glad and proud that I studied at BSATU.
  • Nurusheva Aida
    Hi everyone. My name is Nurusheva Aida. I am from the Republic of Kazakhstan. I am a 3rd year student of the Kazakh Agrotechnical University named after S. Seifullin, Astana. In the 2nd year from February to July 2018, we were given the opportunity to study on academic mobility at the Belarusian Agrarian Technical University in Minsk. The administration of BSATU met us with great hospitality. The campus area is very large. The university provided us with a hostel.
    The education here is on top level. All teachers are really competent in their field. We have gained a lot of skills and experience. We also attended various sports sections and art circles.
    What I like about BSATU is that the student is provided with all the conditions for studying and leading an active student life. At BSATU we found new friends from Belarus, Turkmenistan and South Africa.
    Personally, I am very glad that I studied on academic mobility at BSATU. We were very glad to visit Belarus, to learn the culture and customs of this wonderful country. I want to express my deep gratitude to the administration and teachers of BSATU.
  • Hongcai So
    I came to the Republic of Belarus to study without any knowledge of the Russian language. At the preparatory department of the Faculty for preparation and vocational guidance of the youth, I studied Russian and entered the first year of the Business and management faculty which I graduated in 2017. I have learned a lot during my 4 years at university. During this time, I managed to meet many interesting people, make friends with whom I still keep in touch. During my studies, I quickly mastered the Russian language and now I speak it fluently. I want to give special thanks to our teachers for the well-written material, for practice, for help, both during study and outside the educational establishment. For the fact that they are always ready to help their students and support them.
    I am currently working for the China State Enterprise CRCC as a Deputy Manager. We are engaged in the construction of railway infrastructure, tunnels, bridges and highways in Moscow. BSATU is the best place! Thank you for the opportunities provided, for the bright student memories, for the promising future.

  • Muhammad Bello Garba

    I am Muhammad Bello Garba, I completed my postgraduate studies and did a PhD degree (candidate of technical sciences) in the direction of technology and means of agricultural mechanization at the agromechanical faculty of the Belarusian State Agrarian Technical University (BSATU).

    Thanks to the conditions created at BSATU for graduate students, I got the opportunity to present the results of my research at the largest international conferences in the Republic of Belarus and abroad. During my studies, I managed to publish at least two dozen articles in major scientific journals and obtain patents for a utility model.

    I am currently the Dean of the Faculty of Vocational Education, leading research and development in agricultural mechanization and automotive technology at the President Shehu Shagari College of Education, Sokoto State, Nigeria.

    I have the warmest feelings about Belarus and Belarusians. Therefore, I highly recommend BSATU!

  • Masefora Molaba
    South Africa
    My name is Masefora Molaba, I am from the Republic of South Africa and I am a 2022 agromechanical faculty graduate.
    BSATU is my favourite university. Most of all I loved the cultural life and the atmosphere of the place. This means that entering the classrooms, there was always a holiday atmosphere in the soul.
    Once I participated in the Miss BSATU contest. There I met Miss Zhanna A. Doroshchenko and we are still friends and communicate closely (she is still my mother and grandmother). I was supported by my whole group 15a, my best friends, my sisters and brothers helped me: Tanya, Zhenya, Maxim, Tokha, Lizzy and others.
    I played in the university football team and I want to say that Artur S. Martinczyk is the best football coach in the world (Africa and Europe included). My best friend's name is Maria and she is a wonderful person with whom I still communicate.
    Learning Russian was not easy, but the teachers at the university are experienced and good. I keep in touch with some of them because their experience and love for students was felt throughout their studies. I can show my marks, because I studied well.
    Employees of the Department of International Relations helped to solve my problems and accompanied me during my studies.
    All these people were like a second family to me. I repeat that the atmosphere of the place is everywhere and I will not find it anywhere else. I really miss Minsk and BSATU.
Address: Niezavisimosti av. 99
Minsk, Republic of Belarus
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